laser freezing point hair removal laser removing stubborn hair diode laser 808nm machine

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Summer always makes women love and hate: women who have hair removal in summer can show their beauty and sexy in summer, but some women can’t dress up coolly and sexy in this hot summer, and their body hair will be too long or too thick. Affect the beauty of women, so most women choose to remove it. 80% of women choose traditional methods for hair removal. These methods are not only time-consuming, but also painful, easy to leave scars, and cause side effects such as skin sagging.

Our laser hair removal equipment can provide reliable painless laser hair removal help for beauty salons and medical beauty institutions:

1. Gem cold touch technology
Using rare gemstones to treat bald head, the local epidermis can be cooled to minus 4°C during the treatment. The whole hair removal process is cool and painless, and it has the effect of freezing point and beautifying the skin. There is no need for cold compresses after treatment.
2. Super large square spot
The traditional round spot is upgraded and improved to a seamless square, which completely eliminates the treatment overlapping area formed by the round spot. The super-large 12×10mm square spot can cover accurately and quickly. The light spot can also be customized according to customer needs.
3. very fast hair removal mode
It can continuously and evenly apply laser energy to the hair follicles, increase the speed and depth of hair removal, and make hair removal more thorough. It enjoys the reputation of “midday hair removal”.
4. Ultra-insurance safety light wave
Freezing point laser combined with gem cold touch technology can accurately act on melanin particles. After hair removal, it will not affect perspiration, and it is safer and more secure.
5. Automatic adjustment for different skin types
Fully computer controlled, laser freezing point hair removal is suitable for different skin types and different parts, meeting the needs of different skin tones and hair of different colors, and thoroughly removing stubborn hair of any part and depth.


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