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Surgery has opened a new era of medical cosmetology. High-energy ultra-pulse CO2 laser skin resurfacing has opened up a new technology in cosmetic surgery. It uses high-energy, extremely short-pulse lasers to instantly vaporize aging and damaged skin tissue without hurting And the surrounding tissues, there is almost no bleeding during the treatment process, and the depth of action can be accurately controlled. Its effect has been fully affirmed by the international medical plastic surgery circle, and it is known as “creating a new era of medical cosmetology”; in addition, there is a high-energy ultra-pulse CO2 laser The treatment of eye bags, snoring, and even laser whitening of teeth, etc., with its safe and precise curative effect, simple and quick treatment has created one miracle after another in the medical cosmetology field. Laser cosmetology has made medical cosmetology a big step forward, and is endowed with The connotation of medical cosmetology renewal.


Laser surgery has opened a new era of medical cosmetology, and high-energy ultra-pulse CO2 laser skin resurfacing has opened up new technologies in cosmetic surgery. It changes the focusing characteristics of the laser to make the laser spot become a spot, using a pattern generator to drive the scanning galvanometer to scan the spot according to a certain pattern, and generate high heat instantaneously, thereby producing a shallow-to-deep effect on the skin They are vaporization, irreversible thermal damage, and heating area. These effects can be used to remove the target tissue within the scanning range. The scanning method of graphics is divided into two types: sequential scanning and random scanning (different thermal damage to the local area of the skin). The intensity, density, shape and size of each light spot are controlled by the computer, so as to precisely control the removal of the target. The depth of the organization can achieve the purpose of treatment. The effects of laser skin resurfacing include: epidermal vaporization (removing freckle-like moles, removing seborrheic keratosis, and removing light-induced keratosis) and stimulating the synthesis of new collagen (removing wrinkles).



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