Handle IPL skin rejuvenation, ecchymosis and hair loss laser machine

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1.360 magneto-optic OPT is a multi-functional hair removal device based on traditional OPT. It can be used for hair removal, whitening and skin rejuvenation, freckle, acne acne pits, eyebrow washing, tattoo tattooing, black face dolls, etc.
2.360 magneto-optical is a set of epidermal cooling technology, multi-band intense pulsed light technology as an intelligent, non-exfoliating skin reconstruction system. Magneto-optical combination of the above-mentioned technologies intelligently provides targeted solutions for different skin types and skin problems.
3.Under the premise of full protection of the epidermis (skin cooling technology), the magneto-optical technique can be used to uniquely decompose the epidermis and spot-like pigments in the dermis (such as an ankle brown cyan enamel) to better focus energy to the dermis and collagen tissue and hair nipple parts of hair follicles. The selective photothermal principle of magneto-optical light can strengthen skin rejuvenation, ecchymosis and hair loss, and easily achieve skin reconstruction and hair removal without obvious pain and side effects



1. From the machine’s energy output, the magneto-optical output acts on our skin of energy is twice the OPTat least, so the magneto-optic hair removal, the skin rejuvenation effect is much better than the OPT.
2. From the operation, the magneto-optical handle does not need to change the slide. The machine automatically selects the required length of the light wave, which is more convenient for the beautician.
3. From the consumables, the number of magneto-optical guns is three times that of the traditional OPT guns, and the number of guarantees can reach 400,000.
4. From the principle, magneto-optical uses the principle of perfect pulse and magnetic crystal combination, using perfect pulsed light to break the melanin in our skin, and using magnetic crystal to extract melanin into one of our skins, thus Achieve the effect of freckle. Traditional OPT can only crush melanin, and it tends to limit energy. It can not fully blast melanin into small particles, and can not be extracted. It can only be discharged by the natural production of our body, resulting in poor results.


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