Erbium laser is a solid-state pulsed laser with a wavelength of 2.94um

Erbium laser is a solid-state pulsed laser with a wavelength of 2.94um, whose wavelength is just at the highest absorption peak of water. This solid-state erbium laser is theoretically ideal to induce rapid warming of the superficial skin, precise vaporization to separate tissue and debris discharge with minimal thermal damage. Thermal damage is limited to 30-50um range.



Erbium laser beauty features are: safe, reliable and easy to use. What makes users more satisfied and assured is that the design is not only simple but also fully complies with the regulations of medical equipment. Erbium laser is most suitable for the treatment of facial pigmentation, moisturizing, and the clinical treatment effect is very good.
1 Moisturizing and rejuvenating skin
Because the skin tissue of the human body contains a lot of water, the skin has a high absorption rate of light with a wavelength of 2.94 μm, while the subcutaneous tissue and muscle tissue with high pigment content have a very low absorption rate of this wavelength of light, which makes erbium The laser can accurately transmit the treatment energy and biological information to the skin tissue to achieve an effective treatment purpose without affecting the surrounding tissue of the skin. So erbium laser is the only laser that can be used for skin treatment.
2 wrinkle removal
The principle of laser beauty is to change the focusing characteristics of the laser to turn the laser spot into a light spot, and then use the pattern generator to scan the light spot according to a certain pattern, so that the high heat generated by the laser spot in an instant will scan the target tissue within the range. remove. Laser skin resurfacing not only overcomes the shortcomings of traditional methods such as easy bleeding and difficult depth control, but also stimulates the contraction of skin elastic fibers and tightens the skin, thereby further promoting the disappearance of superficial wrinkles, and the effect of wrinkle removal is more obvious. The ability of the laser to penetrate the skin is several times higher than that of AHA, and the degree is stronger than that of AHA peels. The advantage of erbium laser microdermabrasion is that it can accurately control the amount and depth of microdermabrasion. The heat generated by the laser can seal the blood vessels, and the wound is dry, which greatly reduces the chance of infection and speeds up the recovery.
3 Freckles
Because erbium laser has its special skin treatment characteristics, this technology can accurately remove the pigmented skin tissue layer by layer like a micron knife, the skin tissue recovers quickly, and there is no long-term postoperative pigmentation. It is the most effective surgical method for the clinical treatment of various skin pigmentation in dermatology at present.

Post time: Jun-14-2022