Professional OEM and ODM service for Your Laser Medical Beauty Machine

China Superlaser Factory offer Professional OEM ,ODM service for Your Laser Medical Beauty Machine: 


A) Print any color you want for your machine, make it  be you and your client favourite .
B) Print your logo on the machine shell and add it into system as welcome interface .Make it exclusive in the world .
C) Add any language into machine system , according you and your client require .  
D) Add the Remote Rental System into machine to do lease business . 
E) Design exclusive machine shell for you , form your own brand in market . 
F) Design new interface and system of machine , make it most convenient to you and your clients.G) Develop newest technology to satisfy you and your client demand . 


MOTION CONTROL TECHNOLOGY laser hair removal machine had these features below:

1. Intuitive touch screen – similar to a smart phone. You can focus on clinical aspects (e.g. skin type and hair color) and the unit proposes the right technical parameters (e.g. fluence and pulse duration)
2. OPTIMIZED TREATMENT STRATEGIES FOR HAIR REMOVAL – Standard Hair Removal Mode: parameters that were proven over many years MCT (Motion Control Technology) Mode: painless treatments.
3.POWERFUL CONTACT COOLING- LARGE SAPPHIRE CRYSTAL-Sapphire glass can be cooled down to -4°C. Safe and comfortable treatments for ALL skin types. A large sapphire crystal in the applicator enables fast treatment even for large-area application. In addition, this ensures good visibility of the treatment area at all times.LARGE TREATMENT AREA – Very fast treatments (e.g. 10 min for a back) / Homogeneous heating of the hair root layer

4. SMALL COMPACT DESIGN –Fully transportable / Optional cart Technology
A new approach to laser hair removal are lasers that have to be in motion. The laser fires with low energy density and the user has to move the laser head to avoid overheating. The advantage of this approach is a pain free treatment with acceptable results.


The hair removal laser is intuitively operated via touchscreen. In addition, the system guides you through the treatment with the help of labeled icons. While you concentrate on the clinical aspects, the system provides you with suggestions for the appropriate treatment parameters

Post time: Feb-18-2022