Selection Is Essential For Laser Hair Removal Equipment

1. Semiconductor laser:

The semiconductor laser hair removal machine is one of the most clinically used laser hair removal systems, with a wavelength of 810nm. In terms of wavelength, hair follicle melanin absorbs light relatively strongly in this wavelength band, which can effectively destroy hair follicles (hair papilla); epidermal melanin absorbs less energy from semiconductor lasers, so it has advantages for dark skin hair removal treatment.

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2. Intense Pulsed Light (IPL):

It is a non-continuous, multi-wavelength combination light source. Because it is a single wavelength, its selectivity is lower than that of lasers, and it is easy to cause pigmentation or degeneration. However, the pain during treatment is relatively small, and the operation is quick and convenient with a large light spot, and the depth of action can be adjusted by the selection of the filter, and the treatment cost is low.

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3. E-light technology:

E-light uses the synergistic effect of electric energy and light energy. The heat energy of electric energy is concentrated on the hair follicles and hair papilla, and the heat energy of light energy is concentrated on the hair shaft, so that the hair shaft and hair follicle (hair papilla) are destroyed and the hair removal effect is achieved.

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Post time: Oct-20-2021