The “fever” of permanent hair removal with diode laser technology explained in Pretty International Cosmetology

There are many methods of hair removal in Vietnam and in the international market, but in general they are divided into 2 areas: laser and IPL. Among them, IPL includes Elight, , OPT… It is a pulsed light technology.
IPL: (Intense Pulsed Light) is the first hair removal technology that uses intense pulses of light that pass through a glass filter to treat.
However, IPLs do not have the ability to penetrate the root of the hair follicle, so they cannot permanently remove hair, but only restore it for a short period of time and can only treat long, dark hair, as well as thin and pale hair. Being with a mustache is ineffective.
IPL was later upgraded to Elight and , which improved hair growth time but caused burning pain and light burns when removed.
Diode Laser: A state of the art advancement in hair removal, the diode uses a pure laser wavelength of 808nm or 810nm, reaching the gold standard in nipple and hair follicle removal.
The diode laser acts directly on the roots of the hair follicles, thus destroying the hair almost forever, and the hot welding beam does not cause burns and does not give a dazzling glow.
Diode laser is combined with nano light rejuvenation, so when removing hair, it will reduce folliculitis and make skin brighter and smoother.
At present, the diode laser is an FDA approved hair removal technology that provides users with an effective and safe hair removal technology. However, diode laser hair removal machines cost 8 times as much, which is why many salons and spas still use the old IPL technology in the process.
Pretty International Cosmetology: Diode Laser Lifetime Warranty Brand Partner
Pretty 198 Thai Ha International Cosmetology is the leading brand partner of Diode Laser in Vietnam, so all hair removal treatments in beauty salons use the 2018 Diode Laser M3 technology, a modern modern version. , The US Food and Drug Administration conducted a study of hair removal using diode lasers on 1000 people, and the effect of permanent hair removal reached 70% after 3 treatments, and the hair removal rate reached 99% after one treatment.
Since diode laser technology costs 8 times more than IPL, combined with high advertising costs, diode laser hair removal is also much more expensive than other technologies. However, Pretty International beauty salon prices are very affordable for most customers. Unlike the long 10-15 sessions of IPL technology, with the great development of the diode laser, only 3-5 sessions of hair follicle sessions will have obvious changes.
Speaking directly to us, Ms. Nguyen Thu Tao (29), a client who used this service at a beauty salon, said, “She once mentioned diode laser surgery at another beauty salon in Hoan Kiem. But the price is very high, and it treats armpits.I was still confused for more than 3 million dong, and then a friend introduced Pretty and the price was almost 10 times cheaper.Honestly, listen to the price.So cheap, I was worried, but after I did, I was very pleased. I bought more hand and foot treatments here.”
Pretty International Beauty Salon’s team of technicians has prestigious certifications and over 5 years of experience in the intensive beauty industry.
The professional, gentle and respectful attitude to service and style of Prett International left a pleasant impression in the hearts of all customers.
In addition to the state-of-the-art mechanical system, Pretty International Cosmetology offers its clients a lifetime warranty, promising that if the hair grows back after the procedure, the client will receive a completely free procedure.
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Post time: Nov-12-2022