What are the beauty effects of the multi-function skin care instrument?

Multifunctional skin care is the biggest feature of this instrument. It is applicable to the whole body as well as the face. It can effectively solve the changes in skin moisture, pores, oil and skin elasticity, so as to provide effective care.

It can not only lock the nutrition of skin, but also promote the discharge of aging substances from skin and human body, remove sebum and cutin from hair follicles, and prevent pigmentation and whitening. It can improve and maintain the skin, at the same time, it can also lighten dark spots, brighten skin tone, eliminate blackheads, and solve a series of problems and problems of the skin.

1. Under the condition of no pain, it can deeply clean the face, remove aging keratinocytes, remove sebum, and thoroughly remove various impurities, mites and oil residues in the hair follicle funnel.

2. Promoting microcirculation can increase the oxygen content of skin capillaries and promote the blood circulation of the skin. At the same time, the active oxygen released from the micro bubbles can give the skin anti free radical effect, which can inhibit the aging of the skin.

3. Deeply maintain the skin, dredge pores, and provide effective nutrition directly to the deep skin, helping the skin recover its moisture and elasticity. It is the best golden partner before and after treatment of other skin beauty projects.

4. Beauty, skin care and whitening effect, brighten skin tone, moisturize and replenish water, increase elasticity, tighten skin, and alleviate aging. Improve skin disease, skin allergy, acne and eczema.

Post time: Nov-25-2022