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We provide professional beauty equipment laser hair removal equipment repair, handle laser and other accessories repair and maintenance!

810nm semiconductor laser hair removal, on the basis of the most popular 810nm semiconductor freezing point painless hair removal laser on the market, adding NIR near-infrared skin lightening light waves, to achieve not only painless and rapid hair removal, but also painless and rapid contraction of the hair removal area on the same device pores, making the skin more delicate. Thanks to the fast gliding technology, the whole treatment process is painless, fast, easy and smooth, which is the perfect experience for freezing point hair removal and delicate skin brightening.
The biggest difference in mechanism between freezing point hair removal and traditional laser hair removal is that traditional laser hair removal requires instantaneous high-energy burning of hair follicles, while freezing point hair removal gently deactivates the hair follicles automatically, so it can achieve the purpose of permanent hair removal without excessively stimulating the skin to avoid generation. pain or risk.​​
Hair removal principle:
1. White gemstone cold touch technology: The rare white gemstone is used to treat the bald head. During the treatment, the local epidermis can be cooled to 4°C. The whole process of hair removal is cool and painless, and it has the effect of freezing skin. No cold compress is required after treatment.
2. Super large square light spot: The traditional circular light spot is upgraded and improved to a seamless square, which completely eliminates the treatment overlap area formed by the circular light spot.
3. rapid hair removal mode: safer CW continuous light wave, which can continuously and evenly apply laser energy to hair follicles, improve the speed and depth of hair removal, and make hair removal more thorough, enjoying the reputation of “noon break hair removal”.
4. Ultra-safety light wave: The freezing point laser combined with the white gem cold touch technology can accurately act on the melanin particles. It does not affect perspiration after hair removal, and it is safer and more secure.
5. Automatic adjustment for different skin types: fully computer controlled, suitable for different skin types and different parts, to meet the hair removal needs of different skin tones and hair of different colors, and completely remove stubborn hair in any part and depth.
Original technology, truly painless
Freezing Point Painless Hair Removal Laser is the third generation of hair removal laser products. Its new dual-pulse mode ensures that there will be no thermal damage and no overheating reaction while heating and destroying the hair follicles. The whole process can be almost painless. Carry on; freezing point comfort, icy experience.
The freezing point painless hair removal laser can remove the hair as long as the tissue around the hair follicle is heated to 40°C, and the hair follicle temperature is raised to 45°C for a short time. During this process, due to the excellent cooling technology, the temperature of the laser gemstone window is kept at 4°C, and the temperature of the epidermis is always controlled at 25°C, so we feel only bursts of comfort.

Safe and efficient, the skin is smooth and moving:
Freezing point painless hair removal laser adopts the gold standard hair removal wavelength, which can ensure efficient hair removal. Its safety has been widely verified in clinical practice, and it has become the first choice for hair removal for many beauty lovers. Using a low energy density of 10J and a cooling system throughout the process, the probability of side effects is almost reduced to zero.

Quick and easy, beauty without compromise:
Are you still worried about not having time for beauty treatments? Freezing point hair removal has changed this situation, and its treatment speed is 3-5 times faster than that of traditional hair removal methods; there are no side effects after surgery, and it will not affect the normal work and life of the recipients. Using the sliding technology, bid farewell to the traditional dotting operation, and the repetition frequency of up to 10Hz increases the hair removal speed by 5 times.


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