three wavelength hair removal laser 808nm 755nm alexandrite laser 1064nm dark skin hair removal laser machine

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The 3wave hair removal laser features

The hair removal laser machine offers an innovative, easy-to-maintain and expandable modular design with an intuitive user interface, efficient skin cooling and an intelligent system.
Ultra-sharp 10.4” LCD touchscreen display
A new, ultra-sharp and responsive 10.4” touchscreen LCD with a completely updated user interface allows intuitive and user-friendly operation.
New, highly-efficient device cooling
The new internal water cooling system allows for stable operation in all environmental conditions. Peltier elements in the handpiece ensure reliable skin cooling. It also supports customization of air cooling, TEC cooling, sapphire contacting system.
Revolutionised maintenance
Online remote maintenance not only provides fast system maintenance, but also shortens technical working time. This redefines the idea of service.
Function of hair removal laser: 1. Area(face and body) 2. Skin type(select from I to VI) 3. Hair density(low I medium I high) 4. Hair thickness(thin I middle I thick)
Laser hair removal is one of the most common treatments used to reduce hair follicles. It is a great alternative to shaving, tweezing and waxing! Laser hair removal can remove unwanted hair from your face to your toes and feet.

Permanently reduces 20%-25% of hair per session
Safe, easy & proven effective
Softens & smooths your skin
Works on all skin types
Saves you the money from continuous shaving, tweezing and waxing
No more ingrown hairs and razor burn



How does it work?
During a treatment session, bright flashes of light are emitted onto the unwanted hair. The light penetrates through the skin and selectively targets the melanin in the hair follicles. The pigment absorbs the light energy, effectively destroying the hair.

What areas can be treated with Laser Hair Removal?
Laser hair removal can be treated on the full body and full face.

Face: upper lip, neck, chin, sideburns, ears, cheeks, beard, brows
Upper Body: chest, shoulders, back, areola, arms, underarms, abdomen
Lower Body: legs, bikini, toes, feet, derriere, perineum
How long do treatments take?
Depending on the area, a treatment can take up to an hour.

Is this treatment safe?
Laser hair removal is completely safe and well-tolerated. There are not any long-term health risk associated with this treatment.
Is this treatment painful?
Once the session begins, you’ll feel a slight stinging sensation when the laser becomes active. It really depends on your hair density and thickness, but most clients feel minimal to no pain at all.

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